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All reports together

Land Sea Act project partners came a long way together since the kick-off meeting in March 2019.

All ambitious objectives set and activities performed by the partnership and each partner individually are achieved by the December 2021 due to diligence, cooperation and adaptiveness and despite unexpected challenges on the way related to the global COVID-19 pandemic (from uncertainties and delays to limitations in face-to-face meetings). Now we are ready to share our outcomes and achievements on the improvements of the capacities of spatial planners and cooperation among different levels and different stakeholders from coastal areas around the Baltic sea, as well as we are ready to share recommendations and actions to bridge and enhance Blue economy, Maritime Spatial Planning and the well-being of coastal communities in acknowledged and secured coastal environment where land, sea and people interact.


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Prepared by Margarita Vološina (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia) / January 2022