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1st International Expert Panel

During the challenging times worldwide caused by COVID-19 pandemic Land-Sea-Act project partners switched from in-person meetings to remote working mode on-line. During 3rd partner meeting on March 25th partners organized project’s first International Expert Panel. Aim of the first panel was to introduce invited experts with the concept of the International expert Panel established in…

Developing scenarios with local schoolchildren

Developing scenarios with local schoolchildren

To evaluate the direction of our present decisions scenarios are used in planning Scenario is a tale of future in narrative and/or illustrative form. These are usually grossly exaggerated to illustrate the point better. Tallinn University researchers visited Kunda Gymnasium to gather youngsters’ input to explorative scenarios in  January 2020. Pupils were given four scenario…


Project platform Capacity4MSP kick-off meeting will take place in Riga, Latvia on 21-22 November 2019

Project platform Capacity4MSP  kick-off meeting will take place in Riga, Latvia on 21-22 November 2019. Project platform ‘Capacity4MSP: Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers’ aims to strengthen the capacity of maritime spatial planning stakeholders, policy- and decision-makers through intensified dialogue activities and amplifying gained knowledge in MSP. Capacity4MSP builds on the results…


Maritime Spatial Planning Forum Global meets regional

19-21 November 2019, Riga, Latvia Venue: University of Latvia, Academic centre of Tornakalns, Jelgavas Street 1; 3, Riga More info:


Discover the latest news about the UN Decade For Ocean Sciences (2021-2030)

The United Nations has proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to support efforts to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and gather ocean stakeholders worldwide behind a common framework that will ensure ocean science can fully support countries in creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the Ocean. More info:


Let LandSeaAct begin! kick-off meeting in Riga, Latvia on 12-13 March 2019

Today we start our journey – #LandSeaAct #Interreg #BalticSeaRegion project to discover spatial solutions to balance the economic use of the sea and nature conservation along the Baltic Sea coast. More info: