20 – 21 October, 2021 Training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning

Transnational training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning

 Summary from Training is available HERE

Updated 1.12.2021.


20 October 2021 14:00–17:00 EEST ( 13:00 - 16:00 CEST)

21 October 2021 10:00–16:00 EEST ( 9:00 - 15:00 CEST)



Online, broadcasted from Tallinn, Estonia


For whom: planners and policy makers in Baltic Sea Region and beyond (e.g. from municipalities, regions, state institutions, NGOs)

Estimated number of participants: 25–30

Format: a mixture of lectures, seminars, workshops and hands-on experiences


Aim: capacity building


Input: the project partners and some invited experts will share their ideas and skills in handling multiple interests related to land-sea interactions in coastal areas.

Topics include: relations between spatial planning and Blue Economies; climate adaptation and trade-off analysis in Blue Growth; ecosystem services approach; enhancement of small and medium-sized enterprises; coastal tourism and mobility; participatory planning; cultural values in coastal and maritime planning; scenario building, etc.


During the training, the participants will be also asked to provide input to strategic recommendations of the Land-Sea-Act project.


Background: Land-Sea-Act Work package 2 Spatial planning solutions for addressing development trade-offs in coastal areas, Group of activities 2.6 Transnational training on LSI in spatial planning.

Upon active participation a certificate of completion of training will be issued.

Training preliminary agenda is HERE

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Contact person for more information:

Anu Printsmann
Centre for Landscape and Culture
School of Humanities
Tallinn University
e-mail: anu.printsmann@tlu.ee

Updated 22.09.2021.