(!Postponed to 2021!) Training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning

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Transnational training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning


When: postponed to 2021!

Where: Tallinn, Estonia

For whom: planners and policy makers in Baltic Sea Region (e.g. from municipalities, regions, state institutions, NGOs)

Estimated number of participants: 25–30

Format: a mixture of lectures, seminars, workshops and hands-on experiences

Aim: capacity building

Input: the project partners and some invited experts will share their ideas and skills in handling multiple interests related to land-sea interactions in coastal areas

Topics include: relations between spatial planning and blue economies; climate adaptation and trade-off analysis in blue growth; ecosystem services approach; enhancement of small and medium-sized enterprises, coastal tourism and mobility; participatory planning; cultural values in coastal and maritime planning; scenario building, etc.

During the training, the participants will be also asked to provide input to strategic recommendations of the Land-Sea-Act project

Background: Land-Sea-Act Work package 2 Spatial planning solutions for addressing development trade-offs in coastal areas, Group of activities 2.6 Transnational training on LSI in spatial planning

Training preliminary agenda:

Land-Sea-Act training preliminary agenda 11.06.2020


This initial program will be revised and confirmed in the end 2020 due to uncertainties of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please, do not make any monetary obligations (booking flights and accommodation) before.

If you have any question or need more information please contact:

Anu Printsmann
Centre for Landscape and Culture
School of Humanities
Tallinn University
e-mail: anu.printsmann@tlu.ee

updated 05.09.2020.



If you plan to attend only specific days, please indicate them below.

By taking part in this (event) you grant event organizers full rights to use images and video material resulting from the photography and filming and any reproductions or adaptations of the images and video material for Land-Sea-Act project’s publicity. If you do not wish to be photographed and/or filmed please contact margarita.volosina@varam.gov.lv