Join us at the workshop on Multi-level Governance / 5 November 2021

Save the date Land Sea Act MLGA 5 Nov 2021

Land-Sea-Act project is organising an international workshop for spatial planners of all levels, MSP authorities, regional & local representatives of the governing authorities in coastal areas

The objective of the workshop is to present a draft version of the Multi-level Governance Agenda on Blue Growth and Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region* and to get feedback from different stakeholders on various multi-level governance aspects of managing land-sea interactions.

*The Multi-level Governance Agenda is a result of the Land-Sea-Act project and is a guiding document for various stakeholders recommending actions and solutions on how and to what extent problems, opportunities and stakeholders in land-sea interactions may be governed in a mindful way. 

For the summary of the workshop please click here.

The event will take place on the 5th of November 2021, 11.00 - 15.10 CET Online, therefore, to ensure efficient digital organisation and discussions, registration and its confirmation are necessary.

Registration is available HERE and open until the 4th of November, 18:00 CET

Program of the workshop is available HERE

The workshop will include presentations and interactive discussions. Overall, it will consist of two parts:

PART 1:  Setting the scene and presenting the Multi-level Governance Agenda. The session includes key-note presentations and interactive Q&A/discussion elements which will inform participants about the Land-Sea-Act project, its main aim and upcoming results -the work conducted by the project partners and partnership.


PART 2:  Discussing aspects of the Multi-level Governance Agenda in the present and for the future. The session includes interactive discussions led by experts Andrea Morf (Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment) and Kai Böhme (Spatial foresight) and co-facilitated by Anda Ruskule and KristīnaVeidemane (Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia), Tymon Zielinski (Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN), Poland) and Mārtiņš Grels (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia).


More detailed information will be available to registered participants – join us to learn and discuss the guidance for facilitating multi-level governance processes!

Contact person for more information:

Margarita Vološina

Project Coordinator at the Spatial Planning and Land Governance  Department

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of the Republic of Latvia

Prepared by Margarita Vološina (Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia) /October 2021/ Updated /November 2021/