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Blue Growth Checks: Potentials for prosperous regional Blue Economies

Blue Economy jobs, share by sector, 2018

The Blue Growth Checks report aims to map the current state of the Blue Economy and future growth potentials in the Land-Sea-Act project case study regions. As the Blue Economy still is a relatively new concept, data availability proved to be problematic, especially on the regional and local level. Therefore, the analysis was complemented by…

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Urgent need for addressing climate and ocean change adaptation and mitigation principles in coastal planning

Family at snowy beach in Jurmala

Climate change has severe consequences worldwide and most of these consequences, like, e.g. global temperature increase, sea level rise or extreme weather events are becoming dangerous for humans, their natural environment and settlements, while coastal areas/cities are especially sensitive to these changes. Family walking along the beach in Jūrmala, Latvia. January, 2021 In case of…

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Military heritage as part of Blue Growth

In the August of 1941 at the tip of the Juminda Peninsula one of the most devastating naval battles was held causing the lives of up to 25,000 people according to war historian Mati Õun. Couple of hundred ships and vessels retreating from Tallinn to Leningrad had to face 32 km of mines, bombardments from…

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How does the Baltic Sea smell?

Joint activities to foster ecological tourism on the island Fehmarn (case study Germany) The island Fehmarn is a very popular holiday destination on the German Baltic Sea coast. The municipality counts over one million overnight stays per year, with an increasing tendency. The tourists are very welcome! However, with more tourists comes the question about…

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(!Postponed to 2021!) Training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning

Transnational training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning   When: postponed to 2021! Where: Tallinn, Estonia For whom: planners and policy makers in Baltic Sea Region (e.g. from municipalities, regions, state institutions, NGOs) Estimated number of participants: 25–30 Format: a mixture of lectures, seminars, workshops and hands-on experiences Aim: capacity building Input: the project partners…

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1st International Expert Panel

During the challenging times worldwide caused by COVID-19 pandemic Land-Sea-Act project partners switched from in-person meetings to remote working mode on-line. During 3rd partner meeting on March 25th partners organized project’s first International Expert Panel. Aim of the first panel was to introduce invited experts with the concept of the International expert Panel established in…

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Developing scenarios with local schoolchildren

To evaluate the direction of our present decisions scenarios are used in planning Scenario is a tale of future in narrative and/or illustrative form. These are usually grossly exaggerated to illustrate the point better. Tallinn University researchers visited Kunda Gymnasium to gather youngsters’ input to explorative scenarios in  January 2020. Pupils were given four scenario…

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